Training & Development

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. — William Arthur Ward

Misc-SkyscraperMajor federal agencies, George Washington University and many corporations have turned to Drake Consulting and Coaching LLC to take their employees to a higher level of efficiency and achievement. Drake Consulting offers workshops on a variety of topics: public relations, leadership skills, conflict resolution, public speaking, strategic communications, and management and leadership techniques.

Lynn Drake’s background as a senior communications executive, a Congressional press secretary and public relations professional has given her a wealth of practical experience, which she brings to her seminars. Her teaching philosophy is simple: participants should leave with practical skills and techniques they each can immediately use in the workplace.

Participants are energized by her knowledge, professionalism and the breadth of her experience in management, communications and current workplace issues. They leave better equipped to face challenges…empowered by the wisdom gained ….and inspired to believe in themselves and the possibilities within. Read some of their comments here.

Workshops are available on a variety of topics. Formats run from an hour-length presentation to three-day seminars.

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