Hwy2Lynn Drake’s consulting practice helps individuals, teams and organizations lead and communicate more effectively. She does this through customized services that include coaching, training and consulting. Her company is solutions and results-focused, offering hands-on, practical approaches to workplace challenges.

Services offered by Drake Consulting & Coaching

• Executive Coaching
• Individual coaching in workplace, life and retirement issues
• Corporate training classes
• Presentation mentoring

So just how effective is coaching?
A recent ICF global coaching client study found a 70% increase in improved work performance as a result of coaching and 96% of clients would repeat the process.  Coaching works!

An article in Public Personnel Management reported a study comparing training alone to coaching combined with training. Training alone increased productivity by 22 percent while a combination of training and coaching increased productivity by 88 percent.

How can Drake Consulting help you? Let’s discuss your specific goals and find out! Here’s how to reach us.

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